Paws and Pamper Hamper
Paws and Pamper Hamper
Paws and Pamper Hamper
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Paws and Pamper Hamper

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Paws and Pamper Hamper

It’s pamper time with our Paws and Pamper Hamper. Hello bath time with a boutique luxurious shampoo from Bondi Wash specially designed for our pets. Just wait until after bath time to finalise the pamper with a spritz of the Harlow Harry pet perfume - a scent even pawrents can’t resist.

If our pups are good we can treat them to the yummy, delicious & australian made healthy treats by Laila & Me. One last thing, it’s time for a paw massage with the Manuka Dog Balm by The Doggie Balm Co filled with naturally nourishing ingredients. Bring on the massages!

Play time after all the pampering. Tug of war and fetch at the ready with the toys included found in our Paws & Pamper Hamper. Family time is our favourite time, so much fun and we are playing together. Hours of playtime for everyone.

A gift for?

A similar hamper to our woof & walks however, it swaps the leash for specially designed shampoo for our pets. It's a perfect gift for those pawrents and furiends that already have a leash but you want to treat them to all our boutique pet products in one hamper.

Can I send it as a gift to new pawrents?

100%. It prepares new pawrents with grooming products for bath time, a tough interactive toy to enjoy play time and interact with any new addition to the family & the treats are a healthy alternative to commercial pre packaged dog treats.

Can I send it as a corporate gift hamper?

Yes. This hampers is similar to the woof & walks hamper but if you are unsure if they already have a leash. This hamper swaps that for our grooming products which any client who is a pet owner would love. 



This Hamper includes

Harlow Harry Pet Parfum

Fragrances are alcohol free, silicone free, paraben free, MCI/MI free, formaldehyde free, vegan, pH balanced for dogs and free of toxins, harmful ingredients and are vet and groomer approved. A full list of ingredients can be found in our FAQ section.
Size: 50mL
Bellevue 162 OR Hunter 33

Pet Fragrances

Laila and Me - Australian Golden Nuggs Dried Chicken with Golden Paste Dog

100% Aussie Chicken breast, basted in Organic golden paste.
Being a natural product you can expect to see some slight variations in batches.
Ingredients: Chicken, Turmeric, Cracked Pepper and Coconut Oil
Aids inflammation and circulation.
Great for dogs with joint pain.


DoggieBalm Paw & Nose

DoggieBalm Co.® Paw & Nose Balm 100% Natural (60g)
#1 for Paws, Nose and Skin Care & Maintenance. Nourish, hydrate and repair.
Paw & Nose Balm is a premium ultra moisturising and maintenance healing balm, that is essential for every dogs daily skin care routine. Paw & Nose balm contains powerful natural ingredients known to  assist treatment of skin fold irritations, minor yeast infections, and general discomfort due to dry and itchy skin.


Gigwi Plush Elephant Squeaker with Johny Stick

Long body and rope handle design are good for dogs and
their owners to hold the toy from two end sides
which will not left the dogs accidentally
injure the owners during the fetch and tug game.


Bondi Wash Dog Shampoo

A gentle wash designed to suit a dog's sensitive skin or system. Fragranced in our Paperbark & Lemongrass essential oil blend which is specially designed for dogs - it repels insects, kills bacteria and helps calm and settle. Safe to use on other furry friends such as dogs, cats and horses.
Size: 125ml.