Feline Feature Hamper (Cat/Kitten)
Feline Feature Hamper (Cat/Kitten)
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Feline Feature Hamper (Cat/Kitten)

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Feline Feature Hamper

The eco-friendly adventure tote is full to the top with treats for your furiend or kitten.

Feline feature hamper includes Temptations Hearty treats for cats that are irresistibly yummy morsels to reward your special feline friend. A bamboo brush is perfect for the smooth & fresh look of your pet's coat.

We have also included the Gigwi Melody Chaser Bird Motion Activated that is a fun sound toy that reacts to your cat’s movements at the slightest touch. This premium interactive cat toy makes birdlike chirping noises when your cat begins to play. It is perfect for engaging your cat to bat, toss, chase, and catch for a stimulating playtime experience designed to entice your pet’s natural hunting instincts.

What more could you want from a Feline Feature Hamper!

Feline feature's classic cotton bag!

  • Lightweight
  • 100% cotton
  • Double carry handles
  • Size: 40 x 40 cm

A gift for?

A very special gift for a birthday, welcome to the family or anniversary of bringing the new addition home.

Can I send it as a gift to new pawrents?

100% yes. This hamper is created with luxurious gifting in mind.  The new pawrent would enjoy the most boutique products we have sourced in Australia. 

Can I send it as a corporate gift hamper?

This hamper would be another winner for the client. It is luxury and includes boutique cat/kitten products including eco-friendly cotton Pet Hamper adventure tote.  The eco grooming brush to make sure our cat/kitten fur is feeling smooth & fluffy, it's like no other with double-sided options for brushing.

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