Fringe Studio Minis Emoji Text 3-Piece Plush Dog Toy Set

Fringe Studio Minis Emoji Text 3-Piece Plush Dog Toy Set

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Even your dog can be tech savvy with this fun “Not So Basic” Fringe Studio Trendy Text 3-Piece Toy Set!

This small dog toy set features three miniature toys with various trendy sayings on them for a fun and unique boredom buster for your pet! These plushies have a single squeaker inside to add to your dog’s entertainment and keep them engaged with the toys. Soft and cuddly, the Trendy Text Toys provide gentle play and can be used as replacement toys for burrowing or hide-and-seek dog toys.


  • Small dog toy set featuring 3 miniature plush and squeaky text-inspired toys
  • Features different trendy sayings and texts on each toy
  • Includes a single squeaker for extra entertainment Compatible with most burrowing or hide-and-seek puzzle plush dog toys Soft and cuddly material for gentle play


Set Includes: 3 Text Plushies (“I Woke Up Like This,” “I’m So Extra,” and “Living My Best Life”)

Dimensions: Approx. 11.4cm x 10.2cm

Cure your dog’s boredom with these versatile and fun squeaky miniature plush toys!